Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Update!

Hey everyone...

Been a great year here in Quetico Country...some great canoeing, fishing & loads of stories & memories created.

We had several milestones, including doing some outfitting up in Woodland Caribou Park & the Albany River....pretty cool.

Anyway - a quick couple of items....


We now have a Facebook page ....we are updating it more frequently than this page (not that that is very hard - but we're getting better). Search Facebook under "Branch's Seine River Lodge" and become a fan. We love seeing your posts & pics!


They've fixxed that huge of right now, I'm guessing that it'll be open for next season. I have heard that it was fixxed due to the fact that the loggers are working down there again.

Everything else is going great here....hope the same for all of you....

Hope to see some of you up here on Atikokan's world class snowmobile and cross country ski trails (not to mention our fantastic ice fishing). We will be open - but with limited cabins available so call ahead.

Talk to y'all soon - hope to see some of your comments on our facebook page!